Rwanda Organization of Professional Management Consultant (ROPC)

The Rwanda Organization of Professional Management Consultants (ROPC) is a mem-bership-based organization that aims at promoting the management consultancy profes-sion in Rwanda through continuous capacity development, networking, and advocacy. Since 2016, ROPC has been working to advocate for a regulated management consul-tancy industry that dignifies practitioners.

To achieve this, ROPC has been providing the following service to members:
1. Study tours
2. organized public awareness campaigns
3. award ceremonies
4. certification programs
5. corporate social responsibility activities i.e. (ROPC contributed over RWF46 million in Agaciro Development Fund)
6. Advocacy
7. Marketing opportunity
8. Capacity Development
9. Networking Events
10. Welfare Programs
      - Medical Insurance
      - Access to Finance

ROPC raison d’etre supports Rwanda’s ambition to become a knowledge-based economy by continually improving the capacity of members and capitalizing on homegrown solu-tions to ensure that efficiency is institutionalized at all levels. ROPC continues to develop programs that enhance highest standards of professionalism amongst members and to ethically serve clients.