ROPC| Services Members

1 Advocacy: Join the biggest Management Consultant voice in Rwanda, with ROPC will be heard at all levels in Government and other stakeholders

2 Study tours: Link with the rest of the Management Consultants world through in-ternational conferences and training.

3 Public Awareness Campaigns: Promoting Management Consultancy in Rwanda for the betterment of all practitioners registered with ROPC.

4 Awarding ceremonies: Get recognised for your tremendous work through public voting of the best categories within Management Consultant practicing in Rwan-da.

5 Capacity Development and Certification programs: Benefit from tailored Continu-ous Professional Development programs that enhance your regional and global competitiveness

6 Corporate Social Responsibility: We give back to the community through various but sustainable initiatives that improve the lives of our beneficiaries i.e. (ROPC contributed over RWF46 million in Agaciro Development Fund)

7 Marketing opportunity: Being a member of ROPC, offers you an incredible oppor-tunity to be much more known and benefit from the collective credibility of our or-ganisation with strict professional ethic

8 Networking Events: Enjoy the most relevant and ever expanding networking oppor-tunities at a very affordable cost

9 Welfare Programs
• Medical Insurance: Cover your and your family’s medical bills at zero percent package at all Rwandan public and private hospitals and clinics.
• Access to Finance: We envision to partners with financial institutions with the aim to facilitate our members access to loans and other forms of financing.